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REI's evrgrn Loft

—Adventures at REI Evrgrn Loft, Saint Frank Coffee, Crissy Field—

Story by Cory Maryott June 15th, 2015

welcome to the evrgrn loft

I recently had the super rad opportunity to work with REI, and to help show off their slick new product line: evrgrn.

To kick the launch off, REI decked out a beautiful loft space in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, transforming the space into a lush indoor camp-like experience— and I was invited stay overnight in the loft with some friends. We camped overnight in the loft’s tent, then headed out into the neighborhood for coffee at Saint Frank before having a little picnic at Crissy Field to give the new evrgrn products a solid test run.

I’ll take you along on the journey below—

**Be sure not to miss the photos of the stunning interior at Saint Frank Coffee below as well!

Enter the evrgrn Loft!

The loft

The Loft, nestled in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, was entirely decked in plants and new evrgrn products. The space had such a lovely vibe and felt a lot like a glam indoor campsite.

The front door was decorated with the evrgrn logo
Visitors are greeted by a lush display right as you walk through the door.
The main room had a starry night tent set up, and a custom green wall behind!
A separate "room" for hanging out
The loft was super cozy and filled with quirky little details like these hand-sewn squirrel pillows
Every corner of the loft was filled with greenery. Glass terrariums like this one were a lovely motif used throughout.

Beyond the main “camp” sites, the loft had beautiful white walled kitchen and bathroom. It was so airy and bright, I really wished I could stay here forever!

Just beyond this sliding door......
.... a beautiful light filled master bathroom.

The Birthday boy

As it should happen, our stay in the evrgrn Loft coincided with Cam’s birthday, so we celebrated together with a chocolate cake!

Cam and his cake
The evrgrn picnic table was perfect for a makeshift cake picnic on the floor.

Our "Starry" Night

We didn’t have real stars in the loft, but to make good use of the Starry Night Tent’s seamless viewing roof, we flicked on a nifty little star projector before we shared stories and fell asleep.

Eza and a starry ceiling
Cam was sneaky with my unattended camera....
Just before bed

morning at the loft

We slept soundly in the tent, and before gearing up for an adventure, we enjoyed a slow morning out in the loft’s back yard.

They woke me up too early...
The backyard was just as cute as the loft, and the neighborhood had some sweet views!
We had some tea and enjoyed the morning air.
The hammock was awesome— I definitely was tempted to spend the day reading there. Here's Cam, probably thinking the same

Adventure time!

But first—coffee.

Sweet nectar of the Gods.

Towards Saint Frank Coffee

Well rested, we were geared up for adventure. As I’ve said before, all great adventures begin with coffee, so we headed out of the loft for a stroll through the neighborhood towards Saint Frank Coffee.

Russian Hill has some pretty stunning views!
There were lots of cute boutiques along the way.
After a short walk we made it to Saint Frank!
Saint Frank Coffee

Saint Frank has a stunning white interior, filled with warm wood accents. This was the perfect place to start our morning.


Jenny and the others joined us for coffee!


Picnic at Crissy Field

The group was fully assembled and fully caffeinated at Saint Frank, so we grabbed some sandwiches and snacks down the street and headed towards Crissy Field for a picnic by the Bay.

Our campsite for the afternoon

SEtting Up

Setting up the tent was surprisingly easy and quick! Everything in the evrgrn line folded up compactly, and came together just as easily.

I don't think that's quite how you put up the tent...
almost there....
Looking better!
Jimmy and Anson breaking in the tent and taking in the views

Super CamNova!

Meanwhile, Cam (@camnova) donned the Crash Sack as a cape and was feeling rather super (and super-cozy, of course).

His signature jump!
Cam didn't get the joke it seems
But he had a great time regardless
After lunch, we packed up to head home. Everything was surprisingly compact!

Heading Home

It was a fun time all in all! After our picnic we headed back to the loft to gather our things and head back home. We had a fun time adventuring, and the best thing is, it was all in our backyard of the city. Our adventures away from the city are great, but staying local and exploring whats around us was amazingly fun as well.

One last slow moment at the Loft before heading home.

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Footnote: This adventure was sponsored in partnership with REI. Saint Frank was not involved in the partnership, but was delicious nonetheless!! #BetterOutHere #evrgrn
San Francisco, CA, United States